Orillia Alliance Church – September 23, 2018




Mission Focus will be integrated into our morning prayer time church family life. The purpose is to raise mission awareness of what the Lord is doing in the world through His Church, the Body of Christ, of whom all believers are a member! Missions will include both international and local mission endeavors.


Each week you will be exposed to a prepared mission slide before the service, along with the various other announcement slides, the same slide will be featured during the prayer time and you will also receive the same mission focus slide via email and in printed form for those who prefer a paper copy. This will begin Sunday, September 30.


Sunday morning service for September 23: This week we will discover the Psalms as they present the opportunity for all believers to grow in God’s Wisdom.


Bi-Weekly Prayer meeting will be on Sunday, September 30 from 7 – 8 pm at Pastor Bill’s home.


Neighbourhood Church: Meeting with others through the week is one way which you can bring the “church of Jesus Christ” into your home and neighbourhood. Please see Pastor Bill or Graham to learn more of groups taking place or how we can support you in beginning a group.


Kids’ Club: for children during the worship service will be dismissed during our morning prayer time under Rachel’s leadership.


Power House: youth for grades 7 – 12 will hold special meetings as interest and attendance requires. Please see Jim & Wendy.


Our next Church family luncheon will take place on Sunday, October 14. The National Director of BHI will be speaking and joining us for the luncheon giving all the opportunity to ask questions and learn more.


Men are invited to an informal breakfast at the Bayside Restaurant, Curling Rink, on Saturday, October 6 at 8 am.


Marriage Mentoring training is October 29 & November 5.