As a Missional church we believe that Christ meets the needs of our community, and beyond, through His people through their relationships with others. The early church (Acts 2) reveals that Christians met both together in large gatherings and in smaller relational groups within their homes. Orillia Alliance Church encourages and supports Christians as they build relationships and seek ways in which they can love their neighbours.

Neighbourhood Missional gatherings vary in size, purpose, frequency and focus as Christians “live life” with those within their neighbourhood and church community. We belief this supports our vision as a church “to love God, love each other and to love our neighbour.”

All are welcome and encouraged to actively build relationships within their neighbourhood and either initiate or connect with a Missional gathering.

To learn more of how you may participate in a Neighbourhood Group please contact Pastor Bill.

All approved ministries of Orillia Alliance Church are directed by individuals who have been screened and held accountable to our leadership, according to our “Plan To Protect” policy designed to protect vulnerable people of all ages.